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What is EVA?

EVA is an audit and inspection platform that helps you collect data and track necessary KPI’s. For quality-oriented companies which don’t want to lose revenue due to quality failures/issues. Unlike others, we provide the best KPI’s calculation engine and most intuitive UI for different skills workers.

EVA is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

What can you do with EVA?

EVA provides an opportunity to evaluate employees, point of sales, industrial premises or other objects. With EVA you can easily match, search or filter any subject by its demographic information, by its performance, conditions, effectiveness and many other criteria. Also you can run analysis and see various kinds of standard or custom reports which helps to see tendencies or other required information. EVA offers complete solution for tracking, processing and collecting customer feedback.

How it works?

  • Create objects; witch you will choose when start audit;
  • Create questions; later assign them to the question groups;
  • Create questions group by adding necessary questions;
  • Create forms by adding necessary questions groups;
  • Audit (collect data); Fill the forms by choosing an object your are auditing;
  • Analyze reports and improve your business quality.

How to begin?

Every customer should use this link to sign in with their own login information.

The logged-in user can navigate to the account settings by clicking on his name in the menu on the left side of the screen. Here user can change his password, name, surname and email. 

For the user convenience, the site has a functionality that allows the user to choose what he can see in the top menu box and choose which system module/page he wants to see when logged in.

Filters. Some of the system modules uses filter for convenient data retrieval and distribution. The use of this functionality is relatively simple and convenient. 

Search. The search is dynamic and you need only one letter or a combination of several letters to start showing your first search results. 

Export. If the system user sees the link at the module: “Export to Excel” or “Ecel, CSV” – you can export the data shown in the selected format. Simply filter out the data (if necessary) and click one of the links below. The file will be generated automatically and you will be prompted to download it.

In side menu besides account name you can also find all modules. Each module will be discussed in next guidelines.

Buttons. Main system buttons explanation: